Online Exhibits -North Platte World War One Canteen

Are You Related To Any Of These North Platte World War I Canteen Ladies?

Let us know through email (, facebook (Lincoln County Historical Museum), or by phone (308-534-5640).  We would like to identify the ladies in the following photographs.

Leaders- Mrs. Charles Bogue & Mrs. M. Hosler

Co. A- Mrs. Langford, Mrs. Dorram, Mrs.(s) Miltonberger, Cook, Kerr, Sorenson, Bybee, White, Buskirk, Granger.

Co. B- Mrs.(s) Cool, Ward, Cross, Ross, Schilling, Eyerly, Powers, Howard, Miller, Cornwell

Co. C- Mrs. (s) Davidson, Buchanan, Le Dioyt, La Rue, Robinson, Antonides, Huffman, Timmerman, Brown, Hunall

Co. D- Mrs. (s) Hinman, Field, Gantt, Patterson, Hoxie, Evans, Church, Barber, Sheiver, Edwards

Co. E- Mrs. Tiley, Miss (s) Grace Mooney, Helen Baker, Jessie Baker, Florence Stamp, Marie Stuart, Mayme Pizer, Gladys Hall, Laura Murray, Mrs. Forstedt.

Co. F-Mrs. (s) Dickey, McGovern, Voseipka, Olson, Salisbury, Bonner, Turpie, Lawhead, Hildebrand, Inman.

Co. G. Mrs. (s) Scott, Derryberry, Beeler, Kelly, Gibbs, Koch, Hess, Miss Gladys Bird.

Mrs. (s) Coates, Ogier, Carroll, Russell, Mussellman, Brooks, Delter, Selby, Welborn, Douglas, Norris, Hupfer, Sinclair

Miss (s) Stack, Josephine McKeown, Mildred McKeown, Dulcie Frater, Lylord Layton, Baker, & Clinton.